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Apparel Branding Options

If you are looking for a high quality Branding solution that is cost effective than look no further. T-Shirts Limpopo provide four very affordable Apparel Branding options to choose from. Screen Printing. Heat Press. Embroidery and our NEW Direct To Film or (DTF) Printing. Please note that there is a minimum order requirements of 50 units. If you would like to find out more about each printing method. Simply click on the “FIND OUT MORE INFO” button on the branding option you wish to choose. You can also download the “Artwork Guidlines” On pdf or ‘Submit Your Artwork Online“.

Four Apparel Branding Options To Choose From

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

This is a traditional method of printing. Where ink is, applied directly onto the surface of the fabric. Through a stencil or a “screen.” It’s ideal for large-scale productions and creates vibrant, long-lasting designs. It’s most cost-effective when printing in bulk, as the initial setup cost is quite high. But, it can be, limited in rendering detailed designs. Particularly ones with many colors.


Heat Press

This involves printing a design onto a special heat-sensitive paper. Then transferring it onto the fabric using high temperature and pressure. It’s a versatile method that can print detailed and multicolored designs, even photos. Making it cost-effective for small orders and one-offs. But, the print may not be as durable. It can fade over time with repeated washing.



This involves stitching a design onto the fabric with thread. Giving a textured, three-dimensional look. It’s often used for smaller designs like logos or monograms. It adds a high-quality, professional finish. Embroidery is durable, and the won’t fade or peel. But, it’s more expensive and time-consuming than other methods. Not suitable for large or detailed designs.


Film Transfer

A design is, printed onto a film. Then transferred onto the fabric using heat and pressure. It can print full-color, high-resolution designs with great detail. It’s excellent for small to medium quantities. The feel of the print is softer compared to traditional methods and holds up well in the wash. But, it may not be as cost-effective for large quantities compared to others.

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